Which drone is right for you?

Our packages contain all the equipment you need to operate in the field, protected in a hardshell rugged case with custom-cut foam inserts. Every package includes a drone, as well as common accessories and spare components.

If you would like to customize a package for your specific needs, please contact us with your request.

Drone Comparison Chart

Mavic 2 Phantom 4 Pro Phantom 4 RTK Inspire 1 Inspire 2 Matrice 200/210 Matrice 600 Pro
Aerial Asset Inspection
2D/3D Mapping Photogrammetry
RTK Available
RTK Available
RTK Available
Zoom Camera Available
Mavic 2 Zoom
Thermal Imaging
Dual Operator Camera Control
Large/Expensive Payloads
Built-in Obstacle Avoidance
Industrial/Utility Design Features
FPV Pilot Camera
Pro Marketing Videos/Film



Camera Compatibility Chart

Inspire 1 Inspire 2 Matrice 200/210/RTK Matrice 600 Pro
Zenmuse X5S
Zenmuse X4S
Zenmuse Z30
Zenmuse XT
Zenmuse XT2
Zenmuse Z3
Zenmuse X5
Zenmuse X5R
Zenmuse X3
Zenmuse X7


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