The Complete software solution for enterprise drone programs. Ground Control™ is the all-in-one platform that can scale your drone program into a transformative source of aerial intelligence. Combining a secure mobile flight application with a cloud-based management portal, Ground Control enables your team to fly safely, automate critical workflows, and manage thousands of flights, all in real-time.

Measure Ground Control

Use a Single Solution

Replace your disjointed flight control applications, flight logging programs, program management tools, and equipment health trackers with one simple and cost-effective solution.

Stay Informed

Every flight log is automatically uploaded, along with screenshots to help ensure the correct data is collected. Flights that do not adhere to safety or company guidelines are immediately flagged.

Fly Smarter

A user-friendly flight app with assisted-manual and automatic flight modes allow for safer flights and better data capture. Follow airspace regulations with easy-to-read maps and real-time LAANC authorizations.

Rest Easy

Program controls allow you to set limits on altitude, distance, and speed of flights. Data collected is stored securely on a US-based, internally-controlled server.

Measure Ground Control was built by commercial drone operators for commercial drone operators.
We've streamlined program management processes and created a simplified flight app that makes it easier to fly safely. Watch this tutorial to learn more about how to use Ground Control.