Industrial Applications - Energy

Conduct Safe and Efficient Inspections

Gresco's UAS solutions enable you to carry out cost-effective and efficient inspections while minimizing the health and safety risks for your staff. Operators can deploy drones to inspect wind turbines, power lines, and solar panels or identify gas leaks. Choose your sector below to find our recommendations for your operation:

Solar | Wind | Oil & Gas | Power Lines | Nuclear

Public Safety

Industrial Applications - Public Safety

Save Lives with Improved Situational Awareness

Whether it is a search and rescue effort or a forest fire, rugged UAS platforms allow public safety agencies to identify, assess and map incidents and emergency events. The robust drone solutions facilitate safer and more effective rescue operations as well as a faster response to emergency situations.

Search & Rescue | Firefighting | Disaster Response | Law Enforcement


Industrial Applications - Infrastructure

Visualize Extensive Asset Networks

With UAS technology, private and public infrastructure inspections and surveys are safer, faster and more cost-efficient. Use aerial mapping to inspect asset networks, identify areas of concern and prevent problems before they happen.

Transportation Networks | Mining | Surveying


Industrial Applications - Agriculture

Maximize Yields with Aerial Imaging

Manual investigation of crop fields for signs of stress or disease is an expensive, labor-intensive and lengthy process. Using drones equipped with state-of-the-art cameras allows farmers to not only cut down the time it takes to conduct investigations but also capture highly-detailed aerial images and create maps that can aid in crop management.

Crop Consulting | Irrigation Management | Crop Inspection | Spraying


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