Industrial Applications - Public Safety

Save Lives with Improved Situational Awareness

Whether it is a search and rescue effort or a forest fire, rugged UAS platforms allow public safety agencies to identify, assess and map incidents and emergency events. The robust drone solutions facilitate safer and more effective rescue operations as well as a faster response to emergency situations.

Why Gresco Technology Solutions?

A successful UAS operation is more than just a fleet. Gresco will help you implement a UAS program that seamlessly integrates into your existing framework alongside the support and services you've come to expect only from Gresco. Whether you're interested in starting a UAS program or want to take your UAS operation to the next level, let us help you lift off.

  • 20+ Years of Industry Experience
  • FAA Certified Pilots
  • DJI Preferred Dealer
  • B2B Expertise

Our Services

Kitting. Our industry-specific UAS packages provide you with all the equipment you need to quickly get your UAS operation off the ground.

Flight School. We offer comprehensive education and training services to help you utilize UAS technology to its fullest capabilities.

Fleet Management. Gresco's legacy of providing superior customer service now extends to the maintenance and logistics support of your drone fleet.

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