Gresco Technology Solutions & Raptor Maps' Webinar Recap: UAS, Solar Software, and PV System Inspection Reports

Jamie Gose and John Nunes from Gresco Technology Solutions partnered with Raptor Maps for a live webinar on the specifics of UAS, Solar Software, and PV System Inspection Reports. The webinar covered and highlighted:

  • UAS as a Valuable Tool for Companies with Solar Assets
  • Recommended Drone Models and Payloads for PV System Inspections
  • Opportunities to Incorporate Drones Across the Lifecycle of a Solar Project
  • How Raptor Maps Enables Teams to Turn UAS Data into Actionable Reports

A full summary of the webinar recap can be found on the Raptor Maps’ blog. To view the webinar, visit the link below. For more information on Raptor Maps, fill out your contact information here and for information about Gresco Technology Solutions, email us at


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