128GB high-speed SD card

Data Storage
$75.00 / EA

This camera requires a micro SDXC card. It's important that it is a micro SD card so that it can be inserted into the tablet using the adapter that comes in the pilot box. It has to be an SDXC with a write speed capability of 90 MB/s and a read speed of 100 MB/s. We recommend a capacity between 128GB and 256GB. This can be identified by looking at the symbol on the SD card. This can be U3 or V30 or higher (V40 etc.). When capturing data, the SD card goes into the camera directly. It must be formatted as exFAT.

  • Up to 100MB/s Read and 60MB/s Write speed with Class 10 and U3 compatibility
  • Includes Full-Size SD Adapter
  • Excellent performance for 4K UHD video and broad compatibility across multiple applications
  • 10-Year limited warranty