Additional SD-Card for RedEdge (32GB)

Data Storage
$50.00 / EA

The Micasense Rededge MX comes with a 32GB SDHC. When purchasing a replacement, a write speed of at least 40 MB/s and a read speed of at least 90 MB/s is recommended. If you wish to use a larger-capacity one, you can also use SDXC, but make sure to format it to FAT32.

  • An SDHC Class 10 SD card with a write-speed capability of at least 40 MB/s and read-speed capability of at least 90MB/s is recommended
  • We have found that not all SD cards are created equal, and some SD cards rated for 40+ MB/s write speed are actually quite a bit lower than that in practice
  • For additional context, a 32 GB SD card should be sufficient for mapping approximately 600 acres (240 Ha)
  • This calculation assumes 400 ft AGL (120 m AGL), 70% overlap and sidelap, 12-bit RAW files stored in SD card