Pix4D React Perpetual License

$999.00 / EA

Capture: Fly your drone to capture the images you need. Plan an optimized and automated flight with an app like PIX4Dcapture for Parrot and DJI drones. Process: Combine large numbers of images in minutes with PIX4Dreact. Create measurable 2D maps in the field or back at base. Examine: With PIX4Dreact’s simple tools, identify and measure points of interest, mark and evaluate your maps while on the ground to provide powerful data needed to take action. Share: Export your maps to ensure teams and decision makers are provided with effective information when it’s needed most. Respond: With up-to-date maps, gain precious time, improve safety and reduce costs when responding to an evolving situation.

  • Desktop application with floating license (1 device)
  • Unlimited desktop processing
  • Personal support and updates the first year