LensPen MicroPro™ for Drones

Safety Equipment & Field Ops
$8.00 / EA

MicroPro for Drones by LensPen. As a superb new tool in optical lens cleaning technology, all LensPen products are designed to remove fingerprints, dust and grease. Perfect for drone camera lenses, filters, sensors and other optical items. Comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out. LensPen products have cleaned camera lenses and all optics for more than 25 years. Safe and very easy to use on any drone. Get up to 500 cleans from each LensPen for Drones product.

  • LensPen MicroPro for Drones is 9.5 cm long with our smallest cleaning tip at just 4mm in diameter
  • Designed for the very small optics, sensors and camera lenses – perfect for a DJI spark or other similar drones
  • To reduce waste and offer better shipping options this product is shipped in a poly bag with instruction sheet