Lume Cube Strobe Anti-Collision Light for Drones

$39.99 / EA

Satisfy FAA guidelines by adding anti-collision strobe lighting to your drone so you can fly at night with this STROBE Anti-Collision Light from Lume Cube. Each STROBE light includes a 3M dual-lock mount and a micro-USB charging cable, and it is compatible with any drone. Each light weighs less than an ounce, so it won't add much weight to your drone setup. For different patterns, it allows you to configure it to fast strobe, slow strobe, or constant light, and it can be seen 360° from over three miles away. A micro-USB cable is included to charge the built-in battery which takes less than 60 minutes, and it lasts approximately two hours when running on the fast strobe setting. One red and one green cap are included to pop onto the top of the light and change the STROBE color from its default white.

  • Lightweight Anti-Collision Strobe Light
  • Fits Any Drone with 3M Dual Lock
  • 500-Lumen Brightness
  • Can Be Seen 3+ Miles Away
  • Fast, Slow, and Constant Light Modes
  • Can Flash Green, Red, or White
  • Weatherproof Design, 2+ Hours of Runtime
  • 60 Strobes per Minute
  • Fast, Slow, and Constant Light Settings
  • Charges in 1 hour