Brinc LemurS Accessory Kit

$1,999.00 / EA

This accessory kit takes the LEMUR S to the next level. It includes a glass breaker, adjustable light, and payload drop system. The Brinc LEMUR S Glass Breaker attachment is effective at breaking tempered, automotive, and most residential glasses. It spins up to 30,000 RPM and allows the LEMUR S to make entry into structures. It is easily attached to the payload mount using just three thumb screws. The adjustable light is a high powered light that focuses on the exact task at hand. The general dropper accessory is built to carry and release payloads up to 1 lb.

  • Motorized Tungsten Carbide Glass Breaker
  • High Powered Adjustable Light Accessory
  • General Purpose Dropper Accessory
  • Landing Strip Drone Mounts (w/ 3M VHB tape backing)