Brinc LEMUR Tactical Drone S Kit

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The LEMUR can breach structures, effectively locate suspects anywhere (including inside homes, skyscrapers, and buses), and facilitate two-way communication between crisis negotiators and suspects. It’s an indoor tactical system meant to search structures and keep public safety, first responders, and suspects safe. This was created with a robust self-righting system that drives two flight motors in reverse to flip the drone over after crashes. The Lemur can explore (without GPS) room by room, providing both eyes and ears to the operators. The LEMUR comes equipped with a powerful 2-way communication system (4G/LTE), enabling crisis negotiators to talk through the drone and negotiate with suspects. The Lemus has a small, lightweight 106 dB SPL at 1m loudspeaker with adjustable volume (can be heard at up to 500ft (152m) at its maximum power level). The LEMUR has dense-material penetration allowing an extended signal range through 2 full houses using wireless video transmission system with a line of sight transmission range in excess of 8mi (13km). Flight operations are possible even if the aircraft and pilot are many walls (or miles) apart.

  • Tactical Drone for Military and SWAT Applications
  • Made of Durable Nylon Reinforced Carbon Fiber
  • 10 Hour Perch Time for Long Observation Missions
  • Made In the USA
  • 31 minute flight time
  • 10-hour perch time
  • 45-minutes battery charge time
  • Max Speed: 50mph (80.5km/h)
  • Weight: 2.4lbs (1.1kg)