IF1200A Hexacopter, Blue Herelink Ground Control Station

IF1200A Blue Herelink
$31,000.00 / EA

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the IF1200A is ideal for the most demanding applications, such as utility inspection, LIDAR mapping, aerial photogrammetry, emergency response, government work, and more. Our heaviest-lift aircraft is capable of a wide range of payload configurations to accomplish the job efficiently with maximum flight time and payload capacity. Category-leading flight times and an optimal user experience make the IF1200A the heavy-lift platform of choice for the most risk-averse operators in North America. Not just an aircraft, the IF1200A has numerous fully integrated payloads. Tightly integrated sensors allow operators to efficiently and safely get their job done, driving large increases in operational efficiency and cost savings over the impressive 5+ year projected lifetime of the system. The SAFE drone capability allows the IF1200A to maintain safe and controlled flights, even in the extremely unlikely event of a motor failure. The IF1200A is able to alert the operator to land immediately and remain in a safe manual flying configuration, providing the ultimate peace of mind to operators with valuable payloads and/or underlying assets.

  • 51 mph Top Speed
  • Heavy lift aircraft, up to 19.1 lbs
  • Category leading flight time, up to 43 min
  • Interoperable payload interface to expand your operational capabilities
  • Remote ID, FPV Camera is standard
  • Workhorse for the most demanding applications such as utility inspection, LiDAR mapping, aerial photogrammetry, emergency response, and government use

The HereLink Blue is almost identical to the HereLink Black. The main difference is that it is assembled in an ITAR-certified factory in California. This HereLink transmitter version is designed for operators that require a US-made transmitter option, but that do not have to be NDAA compliant.

The HereLink Blue has the following features:

  • Industrial-grade billet aluminum housing
  • 3 Functions in 1 unit – view live HD video feed at all times, manually fly the aircraft, and program auto missions using a Google Maps overlay
  • Touchscreen for ease of use
  • QGroundControl & Mission Planner installed
  • See the live aircraft location on a Google Maps interface
  • 2 Mini HDMI video ports allows you to have two cameras connected and switch between the video feeds
  • Flight range up to 20 km (12 mi)
  • AES-128 Encryption
  • This upgrade replaces the Radiomaster TX16S transmitter with the HereLink Blue Ground Station + HD Camera