Sequential PAIRED Flare Orange Side/Amber Top, Set of 4

Safety Equipment & Field Ops
$298.00 / EA

A confused or distracted driver is a recipe for disaster. Provide drivers with a runway-like approach light that can be seen further in advance and distinguishable from the other vehicle light bars. There's a reason why a sequential landing zone beacon system ("rabbit") is used on the runway threshold.

  • Kit includes: Carrying/Charging, Case, DC 12/24V Vehicle Plug, AC 110/240V Wall Plug, 2 Year Warranty
  • Gravity controlled light output: Tilt sensor automatically directs light output to optimize driver awareness
  • RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System): Automatically turns on flare when removed from the case (Winter gloves? No problem.)
  • "Pair" mode system allows for single or multiple sets to be synchronized
  • Preferred pattern, deployment order, and gravity activation mode settings are saved into memory for next deployment
  • 6 hour recharge time from a completely depleted battery
  • Battery status check with push of a button
  • Automatic synchronization of flares
  • No programming, no pre-numbering, turn and deploy
  • 20+ hour runtime (flash pattern dependent)
  • 4 flash patterns to choose from (2 sequential, 1 simultaneous, 1 steady-burn)
  • Reverse sequence mode: reverse the direction of sequence with a push of a button (can be deployed in the reverse order)
  • Charge all flares at once (using dual purpose carrying case)
  • Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (1500 fully depleted charge cycles)