GL60 Zoom Spotlight

$2,999.00 / EA

The GL60 Z00M Spotlight has a new zoom function based on the GL60 fixed focus version. The rated power is up to 65W, the illumination light angle can be smoothly adjusted between 7-25 degrees, and the spotlight and floodlight can be flexibly dispatched. The farthest illumination distance can reach 200 meters, providing a more flexible and convenient aerial lighting effect for UAV night operations. Through the DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, it can be directly mounted on the DJI M200V2 series and M300 RTK of drones to meet night inspections, investigations and evidence collection, warning drive away, direction indication, power line patrol, search and rescue and other night operations demand.

  • GL60 Zoom spotlight has an adjustable beam (wide or right) to focus more light energy on a subject / target
  • Spotlight Adjustable light intensity 1-100%
  • Fully gimbaled Spotlight System
  • Syncs with secondary payload / camera
  • Strobe / disorienting flash model
  • 4000 lumen output from this GL60 Zoom Spotlight
  • 1-yr standard defect warranty