DJI Care Enterprise Plus (Matrice 350 RTK) NA

Manufacturer Services
$1,659.00 / EA

DJI Care Enterprise is an after-sales service plan specially designed for DJI Enterprise products, allowing you to fly with peace of mind without worrying about accidental damage. DJI Care Enterprise offers three packages that provide tailor-made and comprehensive services based on your needs.

For accidental damage to DJI Enterprise products during normal use and operations within the coverage period, a free repair or replacement service is available, provided that your total coverage amount is sufficient for the deduction of a fee equivalent to the damage assessment cost. Shared coverage can be extended to other DJI Enterprise devices bound to DJI Care Enterprise Plus within 30 calendar days after the first activation and binding process.

DJI Care Enterprise Plus for Matrice 350 RTK

  • Free Repair with no deductible
  • Free Replacement of (2) Batteries (for Matrice 350 RTK)
  • One Flyaway Replacement (for Matrice 350 RTK)
  • Official Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Water Damage Coverage
  • Shared Coverage
  • One Standard Maintenance (for Matrice 350 RTK)