Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T Bundle

$8,999.00 / EA

The EVO Max 4T brings powerful technologies and advanced autonomy to users. It assesses complex environments to create real-time 3D flight paths for unparalleled obstacle avoidance. Advanced sensors make flight in GPS unavailable areas possible, and the incredible new thermal payload unlocks new object identification and tracking scenarios. With a foldable, weather-resistant design, the EVO Max 4T is very portable. The EVO Max 4T is the only commercial drone that combines traditional binocular vision systems with millimeter wave radar technology. This allows the EVO Max 4T's onboard Autel Autonomy Engine to perceive objects down to 0.5 inch, eliminating blind spots and enabling operation in low light or rainy conditions. The EVO Max 4T uses advanced flight control modules and algorithms specially designed to counter RFI, EMI, and GPS spoofing. This enables the EVO Max 4T to fly confidently near power lines, critical structures, and in complex areas.

  • Autonomous Path Finding
  • Navigation in GPS Denied Environment
  • Accurate Object Identification and Tracking
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance
  • Anti Jam, Anti Interference
  • Autel SkyLink 3.0
  • Mission Ready Payload
  • Data Security
  • Autel Enterprise App Platform
  • Enhanced Live-View
  • Includes Gimbal and Controller