AeroPoints 5-Pack

Ground Controls
$4,000.00 / EA

AeroPoints are the world’s only ground control points designed specifically for drones. The easiest and the most efficient way to make drone data survey-grade, AeroPoints are an essential part of every professional drone operation. AeroPoints work anywhere, with any drone and any software - Rugged, lightweight and portable, AeroPoints work in any location, with any GPS enabled drone (including RTK), with any coordinate reference system and any processing software including, Pix4D and Agisoft, as well as our own Propeller Platform.

  • Each AeroPoint is a portable, reusable ground control point that repeatedly records positioning data while your drone flies
  • 45 minutes to Accuracy
  • AeroPoints’ in-built GPS only needs 45 minutes of activation, well within typical drone operation time
  • Lightweight and durable with simple one-touch operation: a standard single AeroPoints can be placed around a survey area in minutes
  • Works with any GPS-enabled drone model, including those with onboard RTK
  • Works with the Propeller Aerial Data Platform as well as any other platform for visualizing drone data Propeller AeroPoints - the world's only ground control solution made specifically for drone survey operations
  • Works with your grid: including nonstandard and local grid coordinate systems, using a Point Pair file that translates your grid into a coordinate reference system
  • Global accuracy of 2 cm when using the Propeller Corrections Network, a known point (even local grid) or RINEX Data