Autel Dragonfish Pro with L50T Camera Payload

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The Dragonfish Pro integrates intelligent flight control technology, gimbal technology and imaging technology from Autel Robotics. It adopts a unique tilt-rotor design, easy disassembly and efficient aerodynamic design. It combines the flexibility of multi-rotor takeoff and landing with fixed-wing flight endurance. It features one-key automatic takeoff and landing, and flight functions such as intelligent tracking, pointed flight, terrain following and fast tasks. The body’s protective structure is rated IP43 (referring to the IEC60529 Standard). The loaded flight time of the Dragonfish Pro is up to 180 minutes. The high-definition dual-frequency image transmission distance is as long as 30km, and the whole system can self-check in 5 seconds and assembled rapidly in 3 minutes.

The high-performance camera has a 240x hybrid optical variable and a 2000-meter infrared detection capability. Combined with Autel Robotics’ advanced software and hardware, it redefines productivity tools and empowers industry applications. Dragonfish Pro is compatible with dual-optical, triple-optical, multi-spectral, and third-party mounting, and supports PSDK to meet the needs of different customers. Dragonfish Pro integrates high-performance dual-engine RTK and conventional GNSS positioning modules, and with the Dragonfish base station, it can achieve high-precision and accurate positioning. The Dragonfish Pro battery, IMU, barometer, compass, and positioning system are all backed up, with multiple redundancy, safety and reliability.

  •  180 Minute Flight Time (Longest flight time with load)
  • 3 Minute Quick Assembly
  • 67 mph Max Speed (108km/h)
  • 18.6 Mile Transmission Range
  • 5 Second System Boot and Self Check
  • Lost Signal Protection, GPS Loss Protection, Low Battery Protection


The Autel Robotics DG-L50T payload is packed with multiple lenses and capabilities. Featuring a 4K 50x optical zoom lens and a 12MP wide-angle lens - the DG-L50T allows the user to zoom in on a subject that is extremely far away while maintaining superior image quality. Specialized gimbal stabilization ensures the subject remains on screen without severe vibration. The DG-LT50 also features an impressive 1280x1024 high resolution infrared lens that is top of the line quality. This is perfect for law enforcement and search and rescue operations, as it allows the pilot to clearly read heat signatures with amazing accuracy. The DG-L50T also features a laser distance measurement radar system, making it one of the most advanced and capable payloads currently on the market. The DG-L50T was designed for the Autel Dragonfish Pro variant and is a useful tool for a wide array of commercial applications.

  • Designed for the Dragonfish Pro
  • 4K 50x Optical Zoom Lens
  • 12MP Wide-Angle Lens
  • 1280x1024 High Resolution Infrared Lens
  • Laser Distance Measurement Radar
  • 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal
  • Designed for government and commercial applications