EXOLANDER© Payload System for EVO II

Payload Release Systems
$249.99 / EA

Easily identify, locate and assist critical missions using the innovative EXOLANDER© Payload System for EVO II.

  • This advanced system includes: EVO II Saddle Mount: The saddle connects the EXOLANDER© frame to the EVO II and can be used to hold (7) D10 or D3060 lights. D10 and D3060 are not included and must be purchased separately. These lights serve as anti-collision lights for night flight regulation compliance
  • EXOLANDER©: This apparatus securely supports the D100 drone light for maintaining proper CG (Center of Gravity) on the Autel EVO II. The EXOLANDER© has 10 hard points for mounting various accessories, and may be attached/removed from the Autel EVO II aircraft without tools
  • Landing Skids: The landing skids allow the EVO II to land on snow, mud, and uneven surfaces, protects the camera from impact, and stabilizes the aircraft when landing
  • Manual Payload Delivery System: This system enables public safety users to drop radios, space blankets, water bottle, first-aid kits, or other small assistive devices in situations where rescuers cannot reach or clearly communicate with a victim. The lightweight system is also designed to carry safety lines to stranded or drowning swimmers, and has been tested pulling over 400’ of 550 cord to a swimmer in the ocean. The Payload Delivery System is designed to work with the Autel EVO II aircraft with mounting capabilities through the EXOLANDER©