DJI E-Port Development Kit

Drone Accessories
$59.00 / EA

The development kit can convert the E-Port of the aircraft into multiple standard hardware ports like the XT30 Power Output Ports, USB 2.0 Port, and UART/PPS Signal Port, making it convenient for developers to connect hardware equipment and perform SDK development and debugging.

Compatable with the Matrice 350 RTK, Matrice 300 RTK, Matrice 30/30T, and DJI Mavic 3E/3T.

  • Adapter Board Dimensions: 55×40×9 mm (L×W×H)
  • XT30 VCC Power Output:
  • DJI Mavic 3E/3T: 12-17.6 V/4 A
  • Matrice 30 Series: 19.2-26.1 V/4 A
  • Matrice 300 RTK: 24 V/4 A
  • Matrice 350 RTK: 24 V/4 A
  • XT30 12V Power Output: 12 V/2 A
  • XT30 5V Power Output: 5 V/2 A