Flyability Elios 2 RAD UAV

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Elios 2 RAD is state-of-the-art drone technology that offers the ability to collect and map radiological data. While performing assessments, safely measure and map radiological data from anywhere inside your nuclear station while minimizing personnel dose exposure. Reduce dose exposure and ongoing inspection costs while radically improving your inspections with the Elios 2 RAD.

  • With its 4K camera optimized for rendering images with a resolution of 0.18 mm/px at 30 cm, Elios 2 provides the level of details professional inspectors would get by standing at an arm's length of objects of scrutiny
  • Most powerful and intelligent lighting system ever built on a commercial drone
  • It produces 10K Lumen of light for increased situational awareness in large spaces
  • The Indirect, dustproof lighting configuration allows traversing dirty places without losing sight of the objective
  • Detecting pitting and cracks has never been easier
  • Elios 2 features an oblique lighting mode to reveal the texture of surfaces by creating shadows in all asperities
  • These features turn the Elios 2 into an inspection tool fit to carry on regulated inspections
  • Also includes a thermal camera, shockproof payload, full HD live video feedback, distance lock, 2D measurements, 3D modeling, a modular design for easy maintenance, and a completely redesigned software suite that streamlines data management for planning to reporting