CZI TH4 V2 Throwing Hook

Payload Release Systems
TH4 V2
$999.00 / EA

CZI's TH4 V2 is a drop kit with a weight of 320g and a 40kg loading. It can be completed four times with materials dropping in a single flight and mounted on DJI M210 V2 and M300 RTK UAV through the DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, which can be used for emergency rescue of lifesaving stuff and materials delivery.
  • 320g. Single throw up to 2.38kg.
  • Fast Mount and Dismount Via DJK Skyport V2.0. Quick mount. Fast loading.
  • No need for 3rd party controller. DJI pilot APP automatically recognizes thrower. Live message pop-up tips window.
  • Simple utility. Multiple malfunction-proof mechanisms. Preventing miss-dropping.