Micasense RedEdge-P Payload Kit (GEN II)

Payload Release Systems
$10,900.00 / EA

  • Battery Capacity:

    Two 99 Wh batteries
  • Manufacturer:

  • Max Flight Speed:

    16 m/s (35.8 mph)
  • Max Flight Time:

    Up to 59 min
  • Max Payload Capacity:

    800 g (1.8 lb)
  • Weight:

    3.7 kg (8.1 lb)

The MicaSense RedEdge Panchromatic (RE-P) is our premium multispectral camera, which combines a panchromatic sensor with five narrow bands to produce high-resolution multispectral and RGB from one flight for advanced analytics. Precision agriculture and environmental research gets a major boost in accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the RE-P.

  • Its pansharpened resolution, down to 2 cm (0.8 in) flying at 60 m (197 ft), is twice that of RedEdge-MX
  • Optimised for plant-level detail
  • Highest efficiency
  • A bundle that sets you up for success
  • Oblique camera
  • Corridor mapping
  • High-altitude propellers
  • Real-time monitoring