CZI ML150 Matrix Light

$1,299.00 / EA

The ML150 Matrix Light power is 150W, with up to 17,000lm lumens per unit and a 48V power supply, making it better for use with the tethered power system. With a 30-degree high concentration lens, it can effectively gather light and provide a wide range of bright illumination. It can provide a rapid and wide range of lighting for night emergency rescue, accident processing, pursuit and investigation, film and television filming, and other networking scenes.

  • Large lighting range
  • 30-degree high concentrated optic lens
  • More concentrated lighting illumination
  • Patented ventilation design for efficient ventilation
  • More efficient heat dissipation
  • Support independent battery
  • Support tethered power supply
  • Up to 10 hours of illumination
  • Overheating automatically off
  • Low-temperature automatic recovery
  • Good partner with the tethered power system