$1,399.00 / EA

CZI GL10 Gimbal Searchlight, with a lightweight design and the rated power 30W, can emit a sharp beam of 12.5°, effective search distance up to 100 meters, uniform brightness, high color consistency, effectively meet the requirements for small drones to do night inspection, location indication, search and rescue and other application scenarios. Equipped with a new generation of dual-axis gimbal stabilization technology, GL10 can realize precise rotation and pitching movement, and further enhance the stabilization and anti-shake power. Through the integration of AI algorithm smart technology, it can realize automatic centering of the light spot, and make the light beam changes with the angle. CZI's GL10, with built-in highlight red and blue flashing lights, can effectively identify the law enforcement identities and deter suspected targets. It keeps pace with DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drone and brings more possibilities for drone applications.

  • Lightweight and powerful: Despite its lightweight design, the GL10 offers a rated power output of 30W, capable of producing a clean 12.5° light beam.
  • Effective search distance: With a search distance of up to 100 meters, its brightness is uniform and offers high color consistency.
  • Versatility: Designed to meet the needs of small UAVs, the GL10 is ideal for night inspection, position-finding, search and rescue and other missions.
  • Advanced Stabilization Technology: Equipped with next-generation dual-axis stabilization technology, the GL10 enables precise rotation and tilt movements, enhancing its stabilization and anti-vibration capability.
  • Embedded intelligence: Thanks to the integration of AI algorithms, it automatically centers the light beam, adapting the light to the angle.
  • Additional features: The GL10 features integrated red and blue flashing lights, enabling effective identification of law enforcement and deterring suspicious targets.
  • Drone compatibility: It's perfectly synchronized with the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise drone, opening up new possibilities for drone applications.